Lake Camanche has somewhat leveled off at 93 % full.  Elevation 231.47′ at the time of this report. Lake Camanche was releasing to approx. 1,298 C.F.S. Lake Camanche was receiving approx. 1,337 C.F.S.

5/10 Mt. Lassen planted 1,800 lbs. of trout today with 600 lbs. South Trout Pond,  600 lbs. to the South Shore and 600 lbs. to the North Shore. Water temperature at the end of north lake courtesy dock was 70 degrees.

Pictures to the right are from the Anglers Press Future Pro Tour derby on 5/5. First place went to Team” Impeartrice/Darnall 5 fish, top weight 6.05, total 22.83, payout $3,050

Three photos above: Mark Seaters shared his photos, fishing report, and Anglers Press top 5 derby results via a message on Facebook. Mark wrote, “Just wanted to share a fishing report. Long time supporter of your great lake as I do hold the lake record for rainbow trout, and fish it often. Yesterday while fishing the future pro bass tournament with the help of my partner Mike Coelho I landed big fish of the tournament. She weighted 9.33 lbs and was release to keep the gene pool strong. We fish 3 days catching 50 to 70 bass a day mostly on green punkin brush hogs or 6 in lizzards in the same color1″

Mark had the big fish at 9.33 lbs. and finished 5th. Thanks for the tag Mark!

  1. Impeartrice/Darnall, 5 bass, Big 6.05lbs., total 22.83 lbs., prize $3,050
  2. Wallace/Wallace 5, 6.92, 22.28, $1,575
  3. Favero/Fisher 5, total 21.82, $1,125
  4. Boundy/Boundy 5, 7.55, 21.35, $2,075
  5. Coelho/Seaters 5, 9.33, 21.27, $1,640

Right: Robbie Dunham of Galt was out on 5/7 helping to celebrate Westpoint resident Eric’s birthday with his shy wife. Nice haul and Happy Birthday Eric!

Left and right: Our own trout whisperer Robbie Dunham as back out 5/9 slaying them again with friend John Settles.

Right: Jim Fortok of Sacramento posted to Facebook saying, ” slow day but this made up for it 5.7 lbs. using tiger striped repala.”

Left: Dave Hiltabidel posted on 5/9 on FB and commented, “Great Birthday weekend spent at south shore Monument Rv park. Lots of friends family and fishing. Was great to end the weekend with my beautiful wife pulling in this 32 inch catfish early Sunday evening.”

All three photos above: Michael Leong, aka @mleong876 posted these photos on Instagram over the last week and commented, ” Top Left: “Catch and release. “Top Middle, “Some days are just better than others! This day was a good one 😃.” Right top: “When you catch a double and don’t have time to take the first one out of the net.”

Left: Mike Leong’s beautiful fishing partner Hazel with her big bass on Sunday 5/6.

Thank you to all that choose to come to Lake Camanche and those that share your photos!