Happy Thanksgiving!

Lake Camanche was unchanged from last week’s 72% and an elevation of 218.63′ at the time of this report. Lake Camanche’s release was approx. 335 C.F.S. while receiving 239C.F.S. from Pardee again at the time of this report.

Mt. Lassen Trout were planted on Friday 11/16.  Mt. Lassen planted 900 lbs. at the south shore trout pond, and 900 lbs. to both shores at their boat ramps. Next plant will go back up to 3,600 lbs. with 1,200 to be released to each of the three locations sometime before next weekend.

EXCITING NEWS AT THE POND! The 1,200 lbs. to be planted at the pond will be Lightning Trout! The meat looks and tastes the same as the rainbow trout.

Water temperatures were reported between 61-65 degrees.

Left & cover:  Charlie King posted this monster to Facebook on 11/18/18. His friend, Chase reeled this 13.27 lb. beauty in while doing some pre-fishing for a tournament. See video at Charlie King

Left: Ge Moua‎ posted to FB Gold Country Fishing Report, “Thanks for the advice on the fishing license. Took my brother, sister and daughter to Camanche. Took 10 trout home. Speedy shiner did the trick by the dam. 15ft to 28 ft. Early morning caught 3 with planer board and brekley flicker.”

Right: Dennis Moore of Valley Springs also posted on the FB Gold Country Fishing Report a picture of Vina Mooreon 11/11, “Huge crappie along with one trout already in the box. Camanche.” And, “Slow day after this, one bass that we’ll come back for after it gets a bit bigger.”

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Right: Able (Choro) Patino, was the big winner at the YakaBass Camanche Tournament 11/10 taking home a check for $2,450. Congratulations Able!

Left & right: Nichole King posted to FB on 11/10 and wrote, “Very pleased with my catches today! #fishinchick #gotthatfever #tightlines#fishonbaby. We went to south shore, got both before 10 a.m. using a secret blend of power bait! The one laying across my hands was 2.6lb 6oz the one suspended from my fingers was 1.7lb 3oz.”

Right: Robbie Dunham posted to FB on 11/10/18 writing, “Had to move around a bit more today, but still found 2 limits for my guys… Started a little after 7am, trolled right down the middle to the Dam. Nothing for the first hour!!! Then we both noticed that Dan had pulled out a Banana… After Eating Half of it, Lonnie said “You know your not supposed have them on the boat. Dan Said “What do I do with the Other one!!! Lonnie says “Give them both to me!!! Guess where they ended up!!! Then not even 30 Seconds, after releasing these Bad JuJu Yellow things!!! Fish ON!!! Then another!!! Finally boating their 10th fish and losing 5 or 6. We headed in a little after 1pm. Yet another awesome day on Lake Camanche!!! (Koke Machine Guide Service)”

Left: “11/16 Another Scouting trip…Grubs in the Narrows was really slow, 1 Fish… Main Lake is still kicking out some nice Trout. Kept my 5 and released 7 Speedy Shiners”

Save the Date! More details to follow.

Left & right: Byron Kenerly from the YakaBass tournament posted these shots and commented, “Tough day of tourney fishing for many, myself included. Teammates did well. All I had to do was catch a 12 inch bass for a chance to win. Spent over 2 hrs. fishing at the spot that produced 5 measurable fish on Friday. Not one bite. Moved to 50 feet depth and landed a 12.75 inch bass on my first cast at 1:45. We ended up winning. I caught my PB for a spot and Camanche on Friday. 20.50 / 4.1 lbs.”

Right: Jamie Espinoza Franco posted on Yak-a-Bass NorCal 11/11 and wrote, “Here’s to our last tournament of the year…. Good times, good food and great company. Had a great time can’t wait till next year!!”

Thank you to all that choose Lake Camanche and to those that share your photos!