Lake Camanche’s elevation was 218.98′ on 11/3/18 and 72% full while releasing at approx. 543 C.F.S. Lake Pardee was sending approx. 166 C.F.S  to Camanche the time of this report.

Since the first trout plant on 10/26 Mt. Lassen Trout has planted 7,200 lbs. with another 3,600 lbs. expected to be planted sometime before this weekend. 1,200 lbs. will be planted at the south shore trout pond, and 1,200 lbs. to both shores at their boat ramps.

Water temperatures are reading 64-66 degrees depending on location.

Left, right & cover: Jeff Alley posted these shots to  Gold Country Fishing Report 

He wrote, “Great morning out at Camanche. Fished with 2 poles. One with Power eggs and the other with a Grasshopper jig. First cast with both got hook ups within 1 min. Brought the trout on the jig in first, left it in the net and brought in the other line. Crazy fun.
All trout were between 2 and 3.5 pounds. The Grasshopper is the jig to use. All but one was caught with it.
Lost 4 and one was a monster. Guy next to me guessed 8lbs. The Sumbitch snapped my line.
Can’t wait to come back out.” 11/1/18

Those are some really gooding looking trout, Jeff!

Right: chriso916

Posted to Instagram and commented: “First fish as a 36 year old!” 11/3/18

Left: Another Instagram posted by cali_bass_fishing74 “Had a great time at the camanche tournament👍🎣👍 with @fishingnrd We had a total weight of 10.02 lbs#bass @irodfishing @trappertackle#largemouthbass

#fishing #rhustyhookfamily#teamtrapper #irodfishing

#basstournament#lake #camanche @lakecamanche #fish

#calibassin74 #spottedbass #largemouthbass#top10″

Lodi HS Derby 10/21/18

Right: Jack Carroll

Shared this shot to Facebook and said, “Hit the North Shore at Camanche yesterday w the fam. Landed 3 out of 5 bows in the 2-4 lbs range. Very nice fish, lots of aerials. Chartreuse garlic eggs, off the bottom, 3 ft leader, about a hundred feet out from the shelf. My 2 and five-year-old girls landed all 3 fish, for the most part. A day I won’t soon forget.” 10/30/18

Below: Jeffery Aschwanden  also posted to FB and commented to a question, “I used a grasshopper jig with no weight and work it back slowly” 10/31/18

Any of you anglers have little kids or grandkids? Check this out!