EBMUD had been diligently working to lower Lake Camanche’s water level in preparation of the spring runoff. This week the elevation has actually risen over the last few days to 219.88′ and 74% full as of this report. Lake Camanche was receiving 2,854 C.F.S. from Lake Pardee while releasing approx. 2,002 C.F.S.

For more information regarding water levels, you can visit http://cdec.water.ca.gov/reportapp/javareports?name=RES

Mt. Lassen Trout came in on Thursday 3/28 for their delivery. We received 900 lbs. to the south shore pond and 900 lbs. to the south lake. Lake Camanche should receive 1,200 lbs. of trout at the north shore boat ramp sometime before next weekend.

Cover & right: David Cox posted this shot on 3/17 to FB and wrote, “8LB beauty caught Saturday morning! Little Guy helped dad bring it in.”

Left & right: Sara  Nece reported on The Gold Country Fishing Report on FB the following, “Another good day at Camanche!!! 7 bows in the boat & 2 lost. All caught in between big & lil hat. Needle fish, rapalas, and cut plugs did the trick today. Less than 5tf deep. Went all the way up river to buoy line and found a cave to explore inside!!!! A little choppy on the main body with the wind but nice in the narrows and upriver, no fish caught up there though. Wonderful day regardless!!!!”

Right: Robbie Dunham of Koke Machine Guide Service posted to our FB page and commented, “Lake Camanche 3/23/19, Pouring rain in the morning, didn’t stop them from biting!!!, Speedy Shiners Top 10’, Open Water!!!, 10 by 12:30 up to 2 1/2lbs …”

Left & right: Kristy Carpentier & Mike Carpentier. posted to Facebook and wrote, “Camanche 3-24-19 Rainbows and unicorns!, On the water at 7:30. Fast trolled the main lake for a couple of hours without a bite. Boogied over to the narrows and Mike lands a nice 6.5 lb rainbow on a speedy shiner right at the surface. (video), I was up next and bagged myself a 7.2lb trout on a Gvf Lures pinkanator trolled slow. 4 feet down. Both fish were caught in the back of the narrows. ,Going to have a nice fish lunch tomorrow!!! Have a great week everyone!, M&K

Right: Instagrammer, @ __wohl_ shared this Monster Trout shot and wrote, ” Managed to land this giant the other day #10lbs #trout while fishing the south pond.”

All three photos above: Ge Moua posted on the Lake Camanche Fishing FB page and reported, “Took my Bro N Law and his family out for a fishing trip at Camanche. Started out HOT, hooked a 7lb on grub. All these fish were caught at the narrow on grub and rapala. All were in the top 10 ft at 1.8 mph. We ended up with 2 bass,2 crappie and 6 trout. It was a good day with the family.” Ge answered a question writing, “1/8 oz jig head 3″ powerbait grub, white was the color for that day. These trout are picky, so have a few colors on hand. Using downriggers at 5-10 ft ,125ft out and 1.8 mph.” In answering another question stating, ” If fishing from boat, I’ve been catching them at the narrow. Using rapala in all colors but firetiger seems best. Downrigger? If not, just top line them with 125 ft of line out, Speed is 2mph. All the fish were caught at top 10ft with rapala.”

Left & right: Gabriel Windmiller, aka @gfinnwin on Instagram posted these shots on 3/17 and wrote, “Had a great day got 5 great to see some big pre-spawn bass in some new water.”

Right: Found this post on FB from Brent Tracy “Some nice fish are always included with every plant. I landed this 5 1/2 lb’er today. I gave it to some RV guys who grilled it up and gave me a nice plate of fresh trout.” 3/15/19

Left & right: Bob Smith posted on the Lake Camanche Fishing FB page and reported, “On the lake 3/23/19 using powerbait.”

Right: Bob Yates at FB, @Yates Bob Deanna Shields  Posted to FB on 3/24 and wrote, “Good day on the lake. Caught on Rapala’s in the narrows. 6lb and 4lb caught and released smaller trout and 9 or so bass.”

Thank you to all that choose Lake Camanche and to those who share their pictures!