From the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • Take Hwy. 580 East to Hwy. 205.
  • Then take I-5 north to Highway 4 East.
  • Then, take Hwy. 99 North to the Waterloo Road / Hwy. 88 east turn-off.

From Sacramento:

  • Drive South on Hwy. 99.
  • Follow 99 until just above Lodi where you’ll take Hwy. 12 East.
  • Hwy. 12 East joins Hwy. 88 just west of Lockeford.

For Camanche South:

  • Continue straight on Hwy.12/88 through Clements.
  • Turn left on South Camanche Parkway at Wallace.
  • Continue straight for approximately five miles to the South Shore gate.

For Camanche North:

  • Follow Hwy. 88 as it bears left just beyond Clements.
  • Soon after, turn right off 88 onto Liberty Road/North Camanche Parkway.
  • Follow North Camanche Parkway for 6 miles.
  • Turn right on Camanche Road (just opposite the Lake Camanche Village recreation building) follow Camanche Road directly to the North Shore gate.