The FitKid Fun Mud Run & Obstacle Challenge might be the most fun your child can have while challenging their physical fitness. Our beginner’s course is a fun way to inspire kids to gain an appreciation for health, wellness, and physical toughness at an early age. All receive a FitKid T-shirt and finishing metal.

WHEN: Saturday June 22 starting promptly at 10 am

WHERE: South Shore Lake Camanche, Cottonwood Day Use Area

Cost: Tickets: $30 per child, $25 per child if 2 or more children. $35 day of the event.

Don’t let the fun stop there! You are already at Lake Camanche so enjoy the rest of your day swimming, hiking, fishing, or picnicking.

Frequently asked questions:

Where can I park? Parking is available along the Cottonwood Day Use Area as well as the lot adjacent to Cottonwood Day Use Area and where you will find the Car Show.

What is a “Color Splash Zone?” A “Color Splash” is a colorful crazy thing! It’s an area in the course where your child will be doused with colored corn starch below the neck. This has become popular with many adult races and makes for truly memorable pictures.

What time should we arrive? You should arrive approximately 30 – 60 minutes prior to the start of your child’s wave time. The check-in lines may back up. We recommend that you show up to get checked in and receive your child’s t-shirt to avoid last minute delays.

Can I run with my child? If your child tends to be on the shy side no problem. This will be restricted to the Toddlers – age 5 wave.  We ask that parents stay off the course for the 6-12 age waves. You are welcome however to line any part of the course to take pictures and cheer them on.

Please note: If you sign up on the day of the event T-shirt sizes may be limited.


Please complete the Accidental Waiver and Release of Liability Form to participate.