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Type of BoatFeesMay – Sept.Off-season Oct. – April
DSCN2489Fishing Motor BoatSecurity Deposit$80.00$80.00
Half Day (3-5 Hours)$67.00$45.00
Full Day (5+ Hours)$90.00$55.00
Fuel Surcharge$10.00$10.00
IMG_8470Deluxe Fishing Boat w/25hp motorSecurity Deposit$125.00$125.00
Half Day (3-5 Hours)$95.00$65.00
Full Day (5+ Hours)$120.00$80.00
Fuel Surcharge$10.00$10.00
DSCN0942 (1024x768)Bass Boat, 2-PassengersSecurity Deposit$200.00$200.00
Half Day (3-5 Hours)N/AN/A
Full Day (5+ Hours)$160.00$160.00
Fuel Surcharge$10.00$10.00
8 passengerPatio Boat, 8-PassengersSecurity Deposit$200.00$200.00
Half Day (3-5 Hours)$150.00$100.00
Full Day (5+ Hours)$215.00$155.00
Fuel Surcharge$25.00$25.00
12 PassengerPatio Boat, 12-PassengersSecurity Deposit$200.00$200.00
Half Day (3-5 Hours)$170.00$115.00
Full Day (5+ Hours)$255.00$165.00
Fuel Surcharge$25.00$25.00
DSCN8543 (1024x768)Deluxe Patio Boat, 9-PassengersSecurity Deposit$300.00$300.00
Half Day (3-5 Hours)$235.00$235.00
Full Day (5+ Hours)$285.00$285.00
Fuel Surcharge$25.00$25.00
14 PassengerSuper Deluxe Patio Boat, 14-Passengers, (BBQ Grill)Security Deposit$300.00$300.00
Half Day (3-5 Hours)N/AN/A
Full Day (5+ Hours)$340.00$340.00
Fuel Surcharge$25.00$25.00
DSCN0787 (1024x768)Party Barge, 20-Passengers(Water slide, BBQ grill & Restroom)Security Deposit$500.00$500.00
Half Day (3-5 Hours)N/AN/A
Full Day (5+ Hours)$625.00$625.00
Fuel Surcharge$50.00$50.00

Senior Citizens or Disabled rental rates are one-half of the above boat rental rates and apply on non-holiday weekdays only. Eligible seniors are 62 years of age or older. No discount rates for party barge or 14 passenger patio boats.



ItemDepositDaily Rental rate
Life Vest$25.00$3.50
Ski Vest$25.00$3.50
Seat Cushion$25.00$3.50

Boat Towing: $115 per hour (1 hour minimum)