Fish Type Angler Hometown Weight Date Bait / Lure Location
Trout Mark and Mike Seaters Lodi 19.42 lbs. 5/5/98 7″ plastic worm, brown Dam
Trout Pond Ray Miles Woodbridge 19.37 lbs. 3/28/98 Jig Pond
Crappie Steve Anderson Tracy 3.16 lbs. 3/01/2016  Jig Narrows
Catfish Jeff Howard Jackson 27.6 lbs. 12/03/2016 Chicken Liver Pond
Bass Kevin Miranda Sacramento 18.17 lbs. 6/26/15 Crank Bait River2Sea V Joint S-110 deep drive Main body of the lake


Jeff Howard of Jackson with his 27.6 lbs. catfish landed at the south pond on 12/3/16


Kevin Miranda with his 18.17 lbs. large mouth bass 6/26/2015.



Steve Anderson of Tracy with record crappie 3.16 lbs